The Festival

West Pennard Primary School


The ASBO Twitter Feed encapsulated here is maintained by members of the group, to contact them e-mail

Helping to keep Pilton tidy on behalf of the community

ASBO (Association of Senior Brush Operators) commences the 2018 season during April.

Health and Safety compliance has preoccupied the start of the season. Discussions have been taking place with the Parish Council and their insurers to help ensure ASBO volunteers are appropriately trained and equipped.

Events beyond ASBO’s control, such as the weather and availability of the workforce, will affect their activities which take place each Thursday morning for a couple of hours commencing 10.00a.m.  

Anyone interested in joining this group of hard-working but fun-loving people are very welcome to join. Appropriate protective clothing and equipment is provided whilst refreshments are enjoyed post work.

Contact Barry Fox at  

A merry band we meets

E’er Thursday is norm

For charitable work, eats

and a joyous coffee warm


A merry band we are

Wi’ tools a plenty

And jackets, orange, hoorah

For on roads we post a sentry


A merry band we are

Our jackets proclaim ASBO

Passersby think delinquents we are

But genuine do gooders so


A merry band are we

Wi’ tools for strimming

tools for raking and weeds

and tools for trimming


A merry band we meet

To take the P and gesticulate

This camaderie we greet

With a sense to associate


A merry band we are

To do good for our parish

Clear our paths and ways

All for our village we cherish