The Festival

West Pennard Primary School

Happy Circle Archive 2012


Merry Christmas Everyone.

Enjoy the Festivities and a Happy 2013.

Final report for 2012.

In October Audrey and Terry organised a Bingo afternoon. Good fun and many thanks to everyone who donated prizes. The Weymouth trip did not materialise – too late in the year perhaps.

At the last meeting in October John and Sandra gave us an excellent Photo Quiz all taken in the West Country. Recognise the place but can’t remember the name!!! Who needs professionals when we have John and Sandra? Thank you both.

November should have brought Dick Acworth but unfortunately he was unable to attend. He is booked for next year. Instead, John read the first chapter of his book of childhood memories. We are looking forward to chapter two. Then various members selected an item from a basket and told us how it brought back childhood memories for them. Another session next year – polish the brain.

We hope you enjoyed David Andrews and his songs.


December 12th: Christmas Lunch

December 19th: Christmas Party. Bring a present if you wish.

Don’t forget The Players Pantomime “After the Ball” it sounds fun.

A good year in spite of the weather!! Here’s to 2013!!

Jean Dilkes


Hello all – enjoy the fireworks, and happy St Andrew’s Day to all our Scottish members.

Way back we had a cards and games afternoon – time for a good natter. Ruby and Eileen W won the skittles – congratulations.

On 3rd October members enjoyed a wonderful experience with birds of prey at the Hawk Conservancy near Andover. We had close encounters with a Red Kite, a Long-Eared Owl, a Bald Eagle and a Secretary Bird catching a snake (stamps on its head!!). There were flying displays with tumbling Black Kites, Hooded Vultures, Owls and a Fish Eagle seizing a fish from a pond – amazing birds, informative and talented staff. Good lunch and bread pudding at tea. Excellent day out.

Happy month everyone. Hope you enjoyed the trip to Weymouth and Sandra and John’s Photo Quiz.


November 14th Dick Acworth returns.

November 28th : David Andrews – Popular Songs.                       Jean Dilkes


Hello again. Autumn is now official. British Summertime ends on October 28th. What summer? – We haven’t had one!! Never mind, put the clocks back and hope for the best.

Back in August John and Sandra took us on a tour of Turkey. What a beautiful country. Turkey seems to be becoming very popular. I have spoken to several people who have had holidays there and they all loved it. Thank you, John and Sandra.

Adele Robertson kept us all moving freely when she had us doing Armchair Yoga. Very enjoyable – we were all leaping about afterwards. Thank you, Adele.

Pay special attention at the meetings as there have been alterations in the programme. Have a good month – bye for now.


Hello Everyone – Autumn is almost upon us. What happened to Summer? Let’s go back in time to our card making when we were given the equipment to make our own cards. After much glueing, stitching and cutting we all had a card and an envelope – I have a purple owl – he looks good. Many thanks to Kate Thomson for teaching us.

In August Molly hosted our annual Get Together in her lovely garden. A very pleasant afternoon. Thank you to Molly and her helpers once again. Hope everyone enjoys Pilton Weekend.


5th September – Chair Yoga, Adele Robertson

19th September – Outing.

See you soon.

Jean Dilkes


Once again we have had two very successful meetings.  Firstly we had “Pilton’s got Talent” (and it has).   A clever idea of John Howe was to ask various members to talk or perform on any subject they chose.

What a variety we had and such excellent entertainment:

Memories of working night shift at the local hospital.

African drums                    Letters from the 2nd World War

Some sweet singing.          Poetry.

The Coronation and a number of other memories from far distant days and ending with the ever popular Jack & Bill.

Our second get-together was for one of our bi-annual outings. This time we went to Lacock for a short but very pleasant stop, then on to Bradford-on-Avon where over thirty of our members and friends went for a trip on a canal boat which was very enjoyable.  The remainder had a wander around Bradford-on-Avon and enjoyed a delicious lunch.  We were very lucky in that it was a beautiful day weather-wise and that’s been a rarity this summer.

For our next meeting we will have Kate Thomson instructing us about Card making.   All are welcome

Molly Gingell

The Jubilee Celebrations were excellent. Many thanks from everyone to Sandra Howe and her team.

At the end of May Richard Raynsford spoke to us on Sicily, or was it Scilly – no, it was Sicily (H.C. joke). Wonderful pictures of the island which had been occupied by everyone: Greeks, Romans, Normans and they have all left their mark. Mussolini was responsible for some very impressive roads through the mountains though not everyone approved. It is said that Mussolini was the only one who made the trains run on time. Thanks to Richard and Janet for giving us a guided tour of Sicily.

On June 13th  Pat House told us about the cartoonist Alfred Leete who is most famous for his poster of Kitchener pointing a finger and saying, ‘Your country needs you’. The idea caught the imagination and was adapted for many posters and advertisements. He was also an accomplished photographer and artist. Thank you, Pat for a very interesting afternoon.


July 11th Outing: Lacock and Bradford-on-Avon (and barge ride if required) – anyone care to join us?).

July 25th Card Making: Kate Thomson.

Have a good month. Summer may arrive!!                         

                                                                                              Jean Dilkes

The 33rd Birthday meal at Woodford Lodge in April was very enjoyable. The views over the Chew Valley Lake are wonderful. A delightful venue.

Ann Healey came in May with Recordings of Somerset Voices who told how things were in their day. Some of us could remember the things they were talking about  - outside loos, no running water. Things ain’t what they used to be!! Thank you, Ann.

                                                                           Jean Dilkes