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West Pennard Primary School

Happy Circle Archive 2013


Last 2014 Meeting

The Village Hall rocked with laughter as Philip Eavis kindly showed his twenty-four year-old video of Pilton Players   Robin Hood . Are the old jokes the best ones? Isn t gently ribbing Michael Eavis rigged out as Superman worth a giggle or two? The answer: a resounding  Yes

But wait! One  week on - one thought   was this a pantomime or a parable for our time? We saw rich Normans in the castle get a tax reduction on wine while the village poor saw price rises on the staples of bread and beer. Richard the Lionheart left his homeland duties for a military adventure in the east. Courage and love saved our hero but the final song    The Normans and the Saxons must be friends  might have been written to calm some of the differences which beset our relationships within the EU.

Have we learned ANY lessons from history?  Robin Hood  is indeed both pantomime and parable   love and laughter oil the wheels of understanding and reconciliation.

Nationally and personally let New Year 2015 be a season of love and laughter for us all. A new beginning with new ideas of lasting worth and validity.                                                                                                                                E.J.