The Festival

West Pennard Primary School

Happy Circle Archive 2015



'Times Past' came to life as Philip showed Happy Circle some of his videos of Pilton events in the 1960s and ‘70s. Didn't we enjoy seeing ourselves in those good old days!

We were amazed at how simple was the entertainment we found so satisfactory then - a few dances; some sing-alongs; groups of friends getting together.

There was no need for iPads and iPhones and non-stop trivia and some people's unpleasantness on Twitter and Facebook.

Let's re-evaluate what is really important - simple companionship and support among good friends. Thank you, Philip, for reminding us how the church roof was mended; the Playing Field levelled; the Village Hall Centenary dinner - our daughter's 18th birthday in the Manor Restaurant. Let's all support events in the village which will furnish happy memories for other generations when they approach their dotage - they will need them!

One such event was Happy Circle's Christmas lunch in a Mendip hostelry. It's a different world up on the hill where the Romans transported Priddy lead and silver eastwards to the Channel and Rome. We all successfully travelled the lanes and arrived in good time for lunch in a lovely decorated dining room. Wine flowed, crispy potatoes were crunched; sea bass swam on lakes of ratatouille. The ladies shone in their sparkly party clothes.

Thank you, George. We know how to enjoy the moment and are determined to share many more.

John Howe.