The Festival

West Pennard Primary School

Happy Circle Archive 2015


December 2016

Are you like me? - some shops you always walk past without a sideways glance. Others are always worth a look. Such a one for me is Protec in Wells. Rob, the owner, gave us a wide ranging talk from setting up the business to modern ways of protecting your property from thieves. Rob runs the technical side of things, his wife and sons manage the shop with flair and discernment. This is a shop no man may fear to enter for tho' there is temptation for their wives, there is always interest for them too - including a selection of 'boys' toys'! I recommend a visit with your Christmas present list in your hand - it's my salvation each year.

Next we had 'Philip the Film Show'! We do love to see ourselves on the silver screen. What a priceless archive of the village Philip is building! Showing part of the Millennium pageant written and produced by Ken and Jean Dilkes was a fitting tribute to them and all they did for the village. Philip jogs our happy memories of how village life used to be - simple pleasures, self produced and shared with convivial company. Thank you, Philip for a timely reminder that such community commitment is too precious to be carelessly lost and a nudge to make sure we thank the people who organise the events we so enjoy.

John Howe