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West Pennard Primary School

Happy Circle

Over 50 years young?  Then you are eligible to join one of Pilton’s most active and friendly clubs. We have been going for 35 years – true to our founding principles of companionship and mutual support but developing a programme of talks; educational and entertaining outings and visits to fine local eateries.

Annual membership costs a modest sum plus a £1 charge for each meeting which covers the cost of insurance, speakers, a raffle ticket and the so essential tea and biscuits.

Please do not get the idea that we are a moribund old people’s club! Our members are some of the most active people in the village community. Our lectures and ‘ over tea’ conversations  are stimulating, pertinent, thought provoking and fun. If you like caring, committed people you will like us. Why not come and give us a try?

Be the ‘new blood’ that keeps us young – every group can benefit from a transfusion of talent. You can be ours!


Chair Person – Janet Raynsford – 890418

Programme – John & Sandra Howe - 890239


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'Ding,dong merrily on high'. Well at least up Pilton church tower they keep the bells swinging! Again, thanks to Chris and Joe King for a show stopper afternoon. Sandra and I judge the success of the speaker we book by the questions which follow the end of the talk! For once Chris ran out of answers - 'nuff' said! Thank you for another illuminating afternoon - you both went like the clappers!
                                                                                             John Howe

Christmas Tea - Pleasure again but of a masticatory type. Thank you for the members who provided the treats. Another year when everyone was pleased with their presents.

January 2017

Who would have thought that so many postcards had been made to celebrate the visual delights of Pilton? What memories of days not so long past. What a delight to see the thermometer in its rightful place on the shop wall. That image deserved a clap of its own to set the tone of a delightful talk by Chris and Joe. What hours must have been spent searching dusty boxes in junk shops and how lucky we were to benefit. A huge thank you for an afternoon of pleasure!


March 2017 - Practical advice from energy advisors

With the threat of an increase of 15% in the price of electricity Pilton Happy Circle have a timely talk on the efficient use of energy to save on bills.

For a face-to-face meeting with friendly, trained energy advisors come along to the Club room at Pilton Village Hall on Wednesday 15th March at 2.30 pm. Liz Dagger, from the charity Centre for Sustainable Energy in Bristol, will offer information on the Priority Service Register, efficient use of night storage heaters and the switching process for changing electricity suppliers.

If you are interested in switching suppliers on the day please bring an electricity bill with you. Everyone is welcome.

Liz Elkin

February 2017

Another year and who are here to entertain us - Audrey and Terry of course! What friends they are to the village willingly giving their time and energy. How we depend on such people to keep the village a vital community. We also need people with ideas. Come to think of it - I have one!! Liz and Colin's quiz was such a treat and such breadth of knowledge was shown by members, why don't we find 5 geniuses to challenge the Eggheads?

Exposure on the TV would help our drive for new young members. We could call our team ' Happy Talking keep talking Happy Torque' 'cos we are a cheerful band!

Perhaps Jeremy Vine would change his usual ploy and put the stress on certain words in the multiple choice answers to help us! Anyway, think on it as we thank Liz and Colin for inspiration.

Why not join us for our March meetings – March 1st Serena de la Hey who built the willow man on the M5 near Bridgwater; March15th - Controlling your energy bills and March 29th - a change of date - Boogie Woogie Dancers.

We look forward to welcoming you for a 2.30pm start. Do come!

John Howe

April 2017

Many good works are hidden from full view. Such, we discovered, was the case by the Shepton Mallet Almshouses Trust. We were lucky to have Jeff Curtis to give us an interesting illustrated history of the charity and how its work continues into today's world and how it plans for the future.

Who knew of this fine Sheptontradition and where the almshouses are?

The Somerset Levels are an under-rated national treasure now advertised by Serena de la Hey's Willow Man - the South West's answer to the Angel of the North! This proved to be one of our best ever talks, gripping the audience in 'bonds of green willow' as well as 'whites' and 'buffs'. Serena immersed us totally in her love of this wetland material with striking images - the most entrancing being the willow men racing in the open landscape of the Nevada Desert. What a talent has sprung from the Somerset landscape. Get in your car and enjoy the willow-lined rhynes of Thorney, Stathe and Aller, and remember to take your camera!

Liz Dagger from the Centre for Sustainable Energy brought a quiz to test our knowledge of saving on energy bills, gave advice on Smart meters and helped individuals through the online process for switching energy suppliers. A useful afternoon followed by tea, biscuits and a chat.

Please may I extend this month's notes to thank Happy Circle for all the delights of companionship they have given to Sandra and me. Thank you for the lovely gifts and Ian's photos. You will stay in our thoughts as we all move forward into a happy and successful next phase. John Howe

May 2017

It was certainly a case of ‘We Love to Boogie’ when ‘Pam’s People’ entertained and enthused the Happy Circle group. After we had watched some dance routines to music we all remembered, Pam Edwards invited members and friends to join the dancers and no further persuasion was necessary!

The audience, now a smaller group than the dancers, joined in the hand jive and everyone enjoyed themselves so much that an encore was called for. It was a great afternoon full of fun and laughter, thank you Pam.

Liz Elkin