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West Pennard Primary School

History Group

The History Group have a dedicated Website and Archive HERE

The History group was formed in October, 1983 with the following aims:

1)To research, collate and preserve information relating to the history of the village and its people

2)To publish a book or books on Pilton history

3)To generate interest in and help preserve Pilton's history.

The group has collected an archive of material relating to the village which is kept in the Village Hall.

Pilton Village History Group Events 2017

All meetings will be held at the Village Hall, starting 7.30 unless otherwise stated

PVHG has produced the following publications;

A Walk through Pilton's Past 1988

Pilton Parish Room Centenary 100 years in pictures 1993

Recollections of schooldays in Pilton between the Wars by Ernest George Darch 1998

Aspects of Pilton History by Keith Harlow 2008

The current officers of the Pilton Village History Group are

Chairman John Fletcher

Secretary Richard Raynsford 01749 890418

Treasurer Christine King

Archivists Maureen Tofts and Celia Clarke


The Pilton Wassail was held in the Tithe Barn for the first time. Over 300 people came along to shout Wassail meaning Good Health !

Braziers kept us warm from the outside, and spiced apple juice and cider from the inside. Brown Cow burgers and apple cake filled us up.

The Cam Valley Morris Men and Pilton Village Voices sang a selection of wassail songs and the Pilton Players Mummers did a  version of the St George and the Dragon play. St George got killed THREE TIMES !

Our Wassail Queen was crowned and led the procession into the orchard and the Queen's apple tree was decorated. Toast dipped in cider was hung in the branches (for the robins) and cider poured around the roots. Shot-gun bangs and a huge amount of noise frightened away any bad spirits. I think we should have a good crop next Autumn !

A big thank you to all who made our wassail happen, especially to Michael Eavis and the Tithe Barn Trustees and also to the Nicholsons

of Cumhill Farm for the use of their orchard.  

                                                                       Steve and Maureen Tofts

History Group Field Trip

The trip to Avebury, that had to be cancelled due to the weather, will now take place on Monday 3rd July.

It will be guided by Steve Marshall.

All are welcome, whether or not you were intending to go last time. For more details, and to confirm attendance, please ring Steve Tofts on 890332

Rev Dr Mark Hutchinson (Brother Mark) will tell us of the herbs and crops that he would have tended and used some 700 years ago.


Herbs, of course, were far more than just flavourings for food. Their medicinal uses were extensive and reflected the diseases of the age.


The vegetables and fruit we take for granted today have changed over the centuries. Some original types still survive.


If you can bring along some 'heritage' crops or herbs, that would be good, but contact Steve  first via  .


Brother Mark will tell of his gardening methods. Again, if you can bring along any 'heritage' gardening tools, please do.

Monday October 2nd


Our very own Joe King will tell the story of bee keeping, how it started and has changed over the years.

Monday November 6th


Research by Jenny, Maureen, Scott and Celia have brought some facts to light that are not just interesting but deeply moving as well. There will be first sight of the Pilton War Memorial Book and four short presentations on four of those who fought and died.

Monday December 4th


Julia, the Archivist for Wells City Council, will show us some of the fascinating records that are housed in Wells Museum. These tell not just the historic story of a city, but offer us glimpses of ordinary events that happened hundreds of years ago.