The Festival

West Pennard Primary School

History Group

The History group was formed in October, 1983 with the following aims:

1)To research, collate and preserve information relating to the history of the village and its people

2)To publish a book or books on Pilton history

3)To generate interest in and help preserve Pilton's history.

The group has collected an archive of material relating to the village which is kept in the Village Hall.

All meetings will be held at the Village Hall, starting 7.30 unless otherwise stated

PVHG has produced the following publications;

A Walk through Pilton's Past 1988

Pilton Parish Room Centenary 100 years in pictures 1993

Recollections of schooldays in Pilton between the Wars by Ernest George Darch 1998

Aspects of Pilton History by Keith Harlow 2008

The current officers of the Pilton Village History Group are

Chairman John Fletcher

Secretary Richard Raynsford 01749 890418

Treasurer Christine King

Archivists Maureen Tofts and Celia Clarke

You will be pleased to know that we have now received copies of Pilton Village History Group’s new publication, entitled “Pilton, Somerset – Lest We Forget”.


It is the story of the men from Pilton, or with close connections to Pilton, who sadly did not return from the two World Wars.


They will cost £9.00 for hardback, and £5.00 for softback.

Hardbacks are now available from Pilton Post Office (thanks Tracey),

and both hardbacks and paperbacks from Chris King via or 01749 890357


With huge thanks for all their work on the book, from all of us, to...


Scott Baldwin

Celia Clarke

Jenny de Gex

Maureen Tofts


February 4th

AGM and a talk by Roger Benner

     "Osiris, an electric hot-water bottle, and the perils of being buried in the wrong plot".

March 4th

“The Zulu Wars, Rourke's Drift and a man from Mendip"

with Andy Sanders

April 1st

"A new look at old maps of Somerset, from 1575 onwards"

with Joe and Chris King

May 13th

“A Century of Somerset Photographs from 1839”

with Phil Nichols

June 3rd

A Heritage walk through Wells – the less well known bits.

with Siobhan Goodwin

Our next meeting will be on September 2nd

"Men of Mendip Go to Fight the Zulu"

Andy Sanders will tell of the deeds of shame and valour that took place some 140 years ago.

This is the story of British officials, the military and their arrogance in deciding to overthrow a nation and by completely underestimating their opponents, receiving the biggest defeat in the history of the British Empire.

Caught up in the middle of all this were some local men from Mendip fighting for their very survival.

Come and hold a Martini Henry rifle or a Zulu Assegai !