The Festival

West Pennard Primary School

The Players presented ‘For Your Pleasure’, and what a pleasure it was and enjoyed, I’m sure, by every member of the audience.

John Howe, our witty MC, opened the evening and we sadly learned that George West was unwell. We missed you George and hope you will soon recover. Sheila Steward was the first on stage imploring us not to put our grandmothers up there! She made such a good job of it that you wouldn’t dare disobey her! That was the start of a variety of short plays and sketches. One very short one was ‘My Decision’ with Joe King, Kathryn Worrall, John Boucher and Karl Pearce. Excellent, all of them. There was Joe King and Sheila West in Pam Ayres’ ‘Boyfriend to Stay’ – very good and very believable. Wendy Lynn was also very good in ‘Gardeners’ Question time’. A.A.Milne’s ‘The King’s Breakfast’ included Sandra Howe, Emily Close, Sheila Steward and John Boucher and royally good it was too. ‘Great White Sale’ had Sheila Steward, Alison Ward and Chris King bringing much laughter with an awesome tongue twister. A wonderful evening with a Ploughman’s supper too and Jack and Bill to finish! Thank you to John and Alison for bringing it together and to the Players for taking part.  


Margaret Miles

Pilton Players

Photographs taken during rehearsals for the latest production "Sudden Death at Thornbury Manor" which was a resounding success and throughly enjoyed by everyone who was lucky enough to get a ticket, an excellent evening, bringing the community together to solve the wicked crime (and the food was wonderful too!) Already looking forward to the next production that the Players will put-on for us.

“Sudden Death at Thornbury Manor” by Chris Lewis and Carol Hutton.

What a wonderful evening out in Pilton! It was as though we were watching a radio play being recorded with the cast coming forward to ‘record’ their parts at the microphones when required. A BBC Newsreader introduced each act and informed us where the scene was supposedly taking place. Sound engineers provided amusing effects on stage.

In the radio play itself on Thursday evening, Richard Maltravers was the villain of the piece, being nasty to just about everybody. Other members of his family were his long-suffering wife and children, along with an angry boyfriend. Of course, there have to be servants under suspicion, and a murder mystery wouldn’t be complete without a creepy doctor. Red herrings and motives abounded and really got our grey cells working hard when the murder took place.

All the cast performed excellently and were cleverly directed by Alison Ward and John Howe. We were served a delicious ploughman’s supper at the interval, and during pudding we discussed our theories and questioned the cast in their characters to try and figure out the culprit. I was hopelessly wrong in my suspicions, but it was thoroughly good fun investigating!

Helen Hobden

Need You!

November 2016 Update

Pilton Players regret that they have had to abandon the idea of producing a pantomime in March 2017. Sadly, we had a very small response to our requests for help and a lot of help is needed for a venture of that size.

However, although you may not see Players in a panto, they will be putting on a version of "St. George and the Dragon" as part of the Pilton Village Wassail. This will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, January 14th in the Tithe Barn. Do come! It was such a lively success last January.

We are also planning a celebration of Spring in the church at an appropriate time.

If you would like to help please ring me on 890239.

Please put the dates in your diaries as soon as they are available. Thank you. Sandra Howe

April 2017

Many of you will have watched us perform our Mummers Play, St George and the Dragon.

Our AGM is on Thursday 6th April at 7.30 pm in the Winding Lake room of the Village Hall. Our main agenda item is "What next?" followed by watching the video of St George and the Dragon, when we performed it at John and Sandra Howe's ‘Bon Voyage’ in February.

We look forward to meeting up again with current, past and potential new Players (both novice and experienced). No commitment required from potential new Players, please just come and meet the group.

Maureen Tofts



Do join us for our scrumptious apple celebrations as we welcome a New Year of good harvests and Good Health! Waes Hael! Bring pots, pans and wooden spoons, whistles, horns and anything else to make a noise during our procession to toast the apple trees. Wear silly hats if you like, bring good shoes for the orchard behind the Tithe Barn and warm clothing. And don't forget to bring the children! Also torches, lanterns and maybe a ribbon to decorate the apple trees if you have


Doors open at 3.00 for a 3.30pm start.

Adults £2.50, schoolchildren and younger are free.

Mummers, Morris Men, Village Voices, juicy organic burgers, cider and apple juice, a free tot and piece of apple cake - and much, much more!

John Boucher