The Festival

West Pennard Primary School

Pilton Show Weekend



Despite the appalling wet and windy weather on Saturday afternoon, Pilton had an enjoyable Show weekend.   The Flower Show was busy as the marquee provided essential shelter for many more than usual, as did the gazebo stalls around the playing fields for the Fete.  Unfortunately any outdoor activities, such as sports or the main act, a stunt bike display, had to be cancelled for obvious reasons but Savage Skills managed a static display before the rain grew too torrential.    Show Chairman Hugh Berry said “ a good time was had by all and at least it wasn’t as bad as the memorable year of the Welly Barn Dance…”(when the marquee was flooded).  


Flower Show spokesperson Christine King said ”   This year we had 590 separate entries, 15 more than last year, submitted by 119 people, 9 more than last year. 

The increased number of entrants led to a wider spread of cup winners, with many of the regular younger entrants starting to enter the adult classes and in some cases winning them!”


The evening Barn Dance is always a good opportunity for family reunions and letting hair down, for all ages, after a busy day: mercifully the grass was dry inside the marquee, the music from Cheddar band Rapscallion kept everyone dancing, with a bright and cheerful atmosphere.


Sunday’s fun cricket match was won by Pilton Working Men’s Club and the increasingly noisy Tug of War won for the third successive year by Festival Strength A, beating the Laughing Mares.     The weekend ended with a lighthearted church service, featuring former village residents remembering some of the highlights of their Pilton  years .  Among these were John Barkle, formerly of Pilton Stores, and Jim Dowling, who took over the now-defunct Pilton Manor Vineyard in 1988.


The Show  would like to thank everyone involved  who helped make it a success and raise funds for village organisations who may now apply to the Show’s Grants Committee for funding.  Thanks also to Wick Carnival Club, and other Carnival Club members they enlisted, for their help as part of their own fundraising.