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OBSESSED WITH PIPEWORK is a quarterly magazine of new poetry begun in Autumn 1997, to provide a platform for established or beginning writers' poems “with strangeness and charm”. The editor tends to favour work that may be unsure of itself but is willing to explore untried creative directions. Predictability, dogma and wordiness will almost always be rejected.

Subscriptions cost £12 for four issues by post. If you live in Pilton you get a 25% discount. Publication dates are at the beginning of January, April, July and October. A single current copy is priced at £3.50. A limited number of back issues is available at £2 each. Postal orders or cheques should be payable to Flarestack Publishing and sent to Charles Johnson, editor, Obsessed With Pipework, 8 Abbot's Way, Pilton, Somerset, BA4 4BN. Paypal can be arranged if necessary. Overseas subscription details are available on request. For further information email or ring 01749 890019.

Submissions, of up to six previously unpublished poems at a time, are welcome from anyone writing original poems in English, preferably by post. There are no limitations as to length, style or theme, but see above for general preferences. If posted, return postage must be included. Email submissions are only accepted by prior agreement.