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Public Rights of Way / Footpaths

Mendip has around 900 miles of public rights of way (PROY) with around 30 miles of them in Pilton. Some have wonderful views over the Vale of Avalon and others, interesting flora and fauna. Somerset County Council (SCC) is responsible for the maintenance and signposting of these rights of way but Parish Councils have their own responsibilities and powers, such as prosecuting wilful obstruction.

As money gets tight SCC is encouraging parishes and volunteer groups to take on much more to keep footpaths open. In Pilton, the council footpath group members regularly walk the paths and carry out minor maintenance. More extensive clearing and maintenance is done by the ASBO volunteers, and a good job they do. Somerset still carry out any major work – such as replacing bridges and stiles. Landowners also have responsibilities to keep footpaths clear of crops and obstructions but not always enthusiastically.

PROYs are a resource for everyone. Walking has been an Olympic discipline since 1908. There is no better way to keep fit. Walk to Shepton to pick up the Sunday paper rather then drive, or walk some historic footpath which has been established for centuries such as the Monarch’s Way which King Charles II reputedly used as an escape route in 1651. For more sociable walking join the informal Pilton Ramblers on one of their monthly walks.

If you come across any problems while walking contact SCC (0845 3454 9188)  or locally Steve Bowler (890032)

Steve Bowler

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