Pilton Parish Council

If you need Somerset County Council their new number is: 0300 123 2224

Annual Parish Reports

To email the Parish Council Clerk, Karen Buckley, please use this address only: piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

February 2019

The Parish Council wishes to congratulate Andrew Shaw on becoming the new Parish Councillor. He was elected on the toss of a coin and we look forward to working with him.

Residents are asked to look after their dogs, keep them under control and take home their dog mess for disposal.

Concerns have been raised regarding speeding down Neat Lane/Copse Hill; it has become dangerous for walkers and there has been a recent accident.

March 2019

The next Village Litter Pick will take place on Saturday 9th March meeting at 9.00am outside the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome, and refreshments will be provided afterwards.

The Police will be teaming up with the Community Speedwatch Team twice a month so please watch your speed; you have been warned!

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

April 2019

Residents are reminded not to park their vehicles at junctions and on blind bends as it is a danger to other road users, especially at night.

A new Speedwatch site has been authorised in Neat Lane, so watch out as we will soon be monitoring traffic.

The Election Notices are now on the Village Hall notice board. Elections will take place on 2nd May.

The Pilton Annual Parish Meeting is taking place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 17th April. The meeting is open to all and refreshments will be available after the meeting.

May 2019

The Parish Council wish to ask residents to be considerate when parking in the village. Before parking please consider whether an emergency vehicle could get through if required.

The next Glastonbury Festival Events Limited/Pilton Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 4th June at 6.00pm. All are welcome to attend.

I would like to thank the outgoing Parish Council for their dedication and hard work during their term in office.

     Karen Buckley,

July 2019

The Parish Council wishes to pass on its thanks to the previous Councillors for the time and dedication that they gave to the Parish Council.

A villager’s kitten was killed by a speeding car. There have also been reports of speeding in Top Street and parking too close to junctions. Residents are reminded to drive and park considerately.

The Parish Council have been advised that emergency services require 3.4 metres in order for emergency vehicles to pass. Please remember this when parking your vehicles on the roadside.

Dog owners are requested to keep their dogs on leads on the Playing Field and to take their dog mess home, not to leave it on branches, gate posts or the entrance to the Tithe Barn.

Residents are reminded that the Pilton Parish Agenda is published on the Website, the village notice board and the Post Office notice board.

Minutes can be found on the Post Office notice board and the website.


August 2019

Dog owners are requested to keep their dogs on leads on the Playing Field. Please take their dog mess home and do not leave it on branches or gate posts.

The Parish Council would like to hear your views on this year's Glastonbury Festival. Please email your comments to the Parish Clerk at piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

Mendip District Council has advised that Cock and Bull Drove land is to be cleared by 31.08.2019. Beggars Roost land is to be cleared by 17.11.2019.

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

Variance Report March 2019

September 2019

Residents are reminded that dogs should not be exercised on the Playing Fields. Please ensure your dogs are kept under control at all

times within the village and that your dogs’ mess is disposed of correctly. The Burial Ground rules have been reviewed and will be displayed at the

Burial Ground shortly.

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

October 2019

The next GFEL/Pilton Parish Council meeting is being held on Tuesday 15th October 2019 at 6.00pm in the Village Hall. All residents are welcome to attend.

The Pilton Litter Pick is taking place on Saturday 30th November at 9am, meeting outside the Village Hall. Refreshments will be provided afterwards. Please come along and help keep Pilton the beautiful village it is!

Residents have raised concerns regarding speeding in Top Street. The registration of one vehicle speeding has been given to the police. If you notice anyone speeding please take the registration number and report it to the police by calling 101.

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts Ltd will be meeting with Pilton Parish Council on Tuesday 15th October at Pilton Village Hall on Tuesday at 6.00 pm. This meeting will also be open to residents of Pilton village but participation will be at the discretion of the Chairman.

Claire Coleman

November 2019

The Village Litterpick is being held on Saturday 30th November starting at 9am at the Village Hall. Refreshments will be served afterwards. Please come along and help to keep our beautiful village clean.

If you notice any rubbish that has been fly tipped in or around the village please report it to Mendip District Council at Report Fly-tipping – Mendip District Council

There have been a number of reports of speeding in East Town Lane. If you witness this happening please take the registration number of the vehicle and report it to the police.

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

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December 2019

A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the litter pick.

The Parish Council kindly ask that if you put up posters on street furniture they are removed after the event.

Dog owners are asked to pick up their dog waste and either put it in a bin or take it home.

Residents are asked to trim any overhanging vegetation, to keep pavements and pathways clear.

The Parish Council would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Karen Buckley, Pilton Parish Clerk piltonparishclerk@yahoo.co.uk

Minutes 8th January 2020

Please beware in the wintry weather of icy patches around the village. Residents are asked to keep hedges cut back and tidy to ensure that footpaths and pavements are kept clear.

Please ensure that dog waste is picked up and taken home.

Karen Buckley. piltonparishclerk@yahoo.com

March 2020

The Parish Council is concerned regarding the amount of rubbish within the village. Neat Lane is particularly bad.

The next Parish Litter Pick is taking place on Saturday 21st March, please look out for the posters and join the Parish Council in keeping the village a place to be proud of. Food and refreshments will be provided for all those who help.

Residents are reminded to cut overhanging vegetation, hedges and bushes to keep pavements clear. This needs to be done now before the birds start nesting.

Please contact Councillor Andrew Shaw with your suggestions on how the village should celebrate VE day. Andrew can be contacted on acshaw98@gmail.com


The Parish Council now have their own Website at www.piltonparishcouncil.org and will be posting all details of Agendas, Meeting, Minutes etc there from now on.

Please update your bookmarks to keep abreast of all Parish Council details in future