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If you need Somerset County Council their new number is: 0300 123 2224


December 2016

The Parish Council have been approached regarding the Tesco Bags of Help grants scheme as they are looking for applications from the Mendip area. The scheme is where money is raised from the 5p bag levy and used to fund community projects. Three projects in the 200 Tesco regions will receive a grant each month, 1st place receives up to £5k, 2nd up to £2k and 3rd up to £1K. The Parish Council are looking for your suggestions. Further information can be found at egory/apply-for-a-boh-grant-tes2

Crown Inn - Assets of Community Value: Steve Bowler confirmed that 35 people attended the meeting held on the 9th October. After a presentation by Councillor Bowler a vote was taken and signatures taken as to whether they were in favour or against the Crown Inn being made an Asset of Community Value. Twenty seven were in favour, one against. One spoke against but didn’t sign. The Parish Council also voted in favour of progressing this at the meeting held on the 2nd November. Councillor Bowler will be completing the forms and will be progressing this.


February 2017

The VILLAGE LITTER PICK has been organised for Saturday 11th  February at 9am, meeting outside the Village Hall. Everybody is welcome.

Any blocked drains or fly tipping within the village should be notified to Councillor Noble.

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk/RFO

March 2017

Andy Dowding from the Drainage Board will be at the next Parish Council meeting being held on the 1st March at 7.30pm, to give a talk on flooding.

The Parish Council would like to thank John and Sandra Howe for their years of loyal and dedicated service to Pilton and the Parish Council and send them all the very best wishes for the future. They will be missed.

Do you know of any common ground within the village that the ASBOs may be able to tackle? If so, please speak to Steve Bowler.

Residents are asked to clear up any items that may have blown out of their recycling boxes.

Karen Buckley, Clerk to the Council

April 2107

There is a vacancy on the Parish Council.To register your interest, please email the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council would like to thank all those who were involved with the Village Litter Pick, especially Audrey and Terry for the delicious food.

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk

Annual Parish Reports

May 2017

Please see the notice board or village website to view the Parish Council Traffic Strategy. Your comments would be appreciated.

Residents are asked that any floral tributes be placed at the head of the graves at the burial ground to ensure that mowing can easily be carried out.

The Parish Council kindly ask villagers that ride their horses on the pavements to return with the correct equipment to clear up any mess left behind.

Whilst repairs are carried out on the Church please be vigilant of any suspicious vehicles. If you are concerned please notify the police with the vehicle registration number.

Karen Buckley Pilton Parish Clerk