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West Pennard Primary School

Accounts to 31.09.16

December 2016

The Parish Council have been approached regarding the Tesco Bags of Help grants scheme as they are looking for applications from the Mendip area. The scheme is where money is raised from the 5p bag levy and used to fund community projects. Three projects in the 200 Tesco regions will receive a grant each month, 1st place receives up to £5k, 2nd up to £2k and 3rd up to £1K. The Parish Council are looking for your suggestions. Further information can be found at egory/apply-for-a-boh-grant-tes2

Crown Inn - Assets of Community Value: Steve Bowler confirmed that 35 people attended the meeting held on the 9th October. After a presentation by Councillor Bowler a vote was taken and signatures taken as to whether they were in favour or against the Crown Inn being made an Asset of Community Value. Twenty seven were in favour, one against. One spoke against but didn’t sign. The Parish Council also voted in favour of progressing this at the meeting held on the 2nd November. Councillor Bowler will be completing the forms and will be progressing this.